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Old driveway 
Day 1. Old driveway excavated, formwork done
Day 2. Road base compacted, steel in place


And welcome to our webpage!
My name is Steven and I would love to share with you some information on how you could go about getting concrete  work done at your house.

You are probably considering the different options before making that major change to the look of your home. 

So continue on reading and hopefully your queries or concerns will be taken care off.

Well, we are here to help you, whether you need a new concrete driveway installed, or some footpaths or even an alfresco slab.. whatever it may be.. we are ready to assist with your enquiries.

Concrete driveways are a permanent and low maintenance selection to your home. It gives the kids a safe area to play and helps with decreasing erosion and keeping the moisture/dampness out of the house. 

Our concrete slabs are constructed using ready mixed concrete manufactured to Australian standards. I am sure you would of heard of some concrete companies such as Boral, Hytec & Hanson. These companies use high quality aggregates, sand and cement and we only use the best to achieve top results for our customers.

One important note is that constructing a concrete driveway or laying a concrete slab or footpath isn’t for everyone. It requires important skills, experience and professionalism. You only get one chance to get the job done right, so its wise to hire the right crew for your job the first time.

This is where Rapidform might be able to help. We’ve been laying quality concrete driveways, concrete pathways and concrete slabs all over Sydney for the last 25 years. Our prices are reasonable without having to break the bank and the results surely speak for themselves. We do all the hard work without giving you any headaches, from excavation, steel fixing and off course laying the concrete. 


All work is backed by a 7 year guarantee on workmanship. 

If you have any questions please give me a call on 1300 859 703
Look forward to hearing from you soon..

Day 3. Driveway complete

Our Services

We provide reliable concrete services to suit your budget. We take care of the job from start to finish, saving you time and money.
We take care of excavation, removal and disposal of debris, formwork and steel fixing and off course laying the concrete.
We provide various concreting looks and designs including: 
- Exposed aggregate concrete
- Coloured oxide concrete
- Plain concrete
- Stencil concrete
- Stamped concrete
- Polished concrete
We take care of the excavation, the initial and at times most crucial step before concreting. 
We possess the machinery and trucks to take on any job, no matter the size. 
We will take care of digging up your old concrete or dirt and take it away allowing the perfect and compacted level for your new concrete.
We not only specialize in new concrete works. But we can also turn your old concrete into new. Your option of stencil design or just one colour. Contact us for more information on 1300 859 703.
Formwork and Steel fixing
After decades of experience in the trade, we are experts at formwork and taking care of steel fixing. There is no need to be worried about whether your concreter is able to take on the whole job. Rapidform Concreting will take on your job from start to finish.
We are committed to providing customer service and satisfaction. Once we start your job, the job will be completed after 3-4 days. We work on your job in consecutive days and NOT fit you in-between other jobs.  
We have over 25 years experience in providing concrete projects. Our skilled workmen are knowledgeable with all concrete aspects.
We pride ourselves on doing a good job, that not only looks great, but is built to last.  
We ensure quality workmanship in all our projects and back our work with a 7 year guarantee on workmanship. 
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