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Q: Do all your concrete jobs just look “grey”  – or can I have my concrete look the way I want?
A: Concrete driveways are available in a wider variety of choices. In fact there are over 30 different colours and patterns to choose from! Check out our photo gallery on this website to get a feel for the variations and options with the look and feel that we can achieve for your Sydney home.

We have the colour mixed by the manufacturing supplier so the coloured concrete is 100% full colour. Please take a look below at the colour chart.

Q: How long does it take to finish my concrete job?
A: Normally approximately 4 - 5 days, dependent on weather. 



Q: How many men do you have on your team? And are they all professional?
A: The guys on my concrete driveway team are all highly skilled concrete driveway professionals. They’re all fully licensed and they have to be friendly to be able to work for me. I make sure my team understand that a concrete driveway is for life and has to be done right the first time – every time.



Q: Will there be a mess while the work is in progress?
A: For a few days while we’re working on your concrete project there will be normal concrete materials like timber and buckets and the like on site but we make sure that each day we leave the site as clean as possible. And at the end of the job you’ll be amazed at how clean we leave your home!

With happy customers all over Sydney there’s a finished concrete job near you that we can arrange for you to view.

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